Purchasing ice hockey skates

Purchasing ice hockey skates 1

If you love this sport, then you surely cannot underestimate the importance of skates in this sport. Ice hockey is difficult to play, as you have to move over ice really fast. It is very difficult to control your body especially when you gain speed over ice. Whenever you go to buy hockey skates, you must look for stiff boots. Go for carbon-reinforced out-soles or memory foam, as this will give you ultimate power transfer.

Protection from reinforced toecaps, tough nylon for durability and comfort from custom fitting can improve your performance. For majority of the players, the boot is the most important part of the skate. Apart from it you need comfort, durability, protection and support. It is recommended that you should have two pairs of skates. If you play more than three times a week then you should definitely consider it during the season. You can rotate one pair every six months. This will make sure that you will always have at least one dry pair, broken in and ready to wear.

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